Inspired the rebellious nature of post-punk music, this Swedish artist is here to dish out his sound of his own. The Other Life produced a fiery production, ‘Moody’, that epitomizes the facade many of us put on in everyday life instead of expressing how we truly feel. Holding nothing back, ‘Moody’ gives listeners a raw introduction to The Other Life. The single is also accompanied by a UK garage remix by Operator S and house rework by John Gary.

“This music began as an effort to cross the overcast, melancholy distortion of early post-punk bands like Joy Division with a modern club-style beat. The song is less about actual moodiness and more about honesty and how often we have to pretend.”

The Other Life is a new, up & coming alternative pop artist from Gothenberg, Sweden. Producing all musical elements, he’s enlisted Oda Sander for the ‘Moody’ single, The Other Life wishes to capture the lonely, melancholy vibes akin to Joy Division with┬ácontemporary dance music vibe. To this date, he remains a faceless artist, relying solely on the merits of his music for any accolades. The records already won countless applause from the likes of popular UK radio stations and a garnering up plays in nightclubs as well.

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