Parisian musical duo, ANKO, is made up of Nicolas de Ferran and Antoine F. Martin. The two sparked their musical relationship together  a few years back when they were writing and producting music for French TV shows and documentary. It was only natural that the two would eventually form a more creative project to channel their shared interests into something original. ‘WAVED’is their first public release that draws influences from a variety of genres and recruits a handful of other fellow guest musicians.

You’ll hear sounds of trip-hop, downtempo, and jazz in ANKO’s style of electronica. Using a combination of samples and live instrumentation, ANKO is able to create a unique and original experience in a genre saturated with many musicians attempting the same methods, but yielding and entirely different outcome. Independently supported and released, ‘Waved’ is an EP perfect for a laid-back experience if you find yourself in the mood for sounds similar to Bonobo, Blockhead, and Nujabes.

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