Part two of Carnage’s sudden assault on the term PLUR (that’s Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect for those who need a refresh) was a collaboration with Steve Aoki called “PLUR Genocide” a controversial title, to be sure, with cover art and a dark beat that drive the Guatemalan artist’s frustration with the movement home.

Needless to say, inquiring minds looked for a response from DJ Frankie Bones, the one who made the term as widespread in the scene as it is now. They got their answer in a recent interview with EDM Sauce, spurred on by Bones himself. The New York DJ actually messaged The Editor and Chief himself with a simple question: “what are five questions you would ask the man who coined PLUR, that Carnage needs to hear the answer to.” These questions that were finally sent touch on the history of the term itself, why the term still exist to this day and help maintain a powerful movement…and why something as silly as a few tweets and a random song won’t dismantle that anytime soon. Here’s a notable quote from bones himself:

It started as P.L.U.M. – The Peace Love & Unity Movement in early 1990.

New York City had been going through a dark period for many years and I knew there was no way to start a rave scene there without a cause. We were a movement through music and we wanted the people to come to our events in peace.

We didn’t want Carnage showing up because that was the genocide we were trying to escape. Clowns, fools, gangsters were not invited.

 PLUR is a universal thing in rave culture. If you call Genocide on it, that is a big task.

Frankie Knuckles the Godfather of House once said, “The minute your ego is bigger then the music itself, you are through.” Carnage can’t produce that. Genocide produces carnage. I hope he makes it through. I’m not drinking your purple Kool-aid because it is red.

PLUR is about everyone, it wasn’t just for anyone to take and dismantle.

Bones even coined a powerful double entendre of a term that he plans on bringing to Miami in shirt form: “More Carl, Less Carnage.” To him, Carnage is the evil “bizzaro twin” of Cox…with the exception that Cox can actually DJ. This new conflict will play out in an interesting way come Miami Music Week—that is, if Carnage is even going.

You can read the entire interview on EDM Sauce!

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