Music and raving is a lifestyle, so why stop when you want to have kids? Big Fish Little Fish has reinvented family time, bringing raves and family fun into one amazing event!

The company is working on events known as “teatime nightclubs,” where toddlers and kids can join in on the fun! Parents can hit the dance floor with their little ones, or have a drink at the bar while kids can adventure to the “baby chill” areas, or get creative with crafts!

The events are themed like superheroes, fairy tales, dinosaurs, and etc. It’s a fun way for parents and kids to dress up as if a kids birthday party and a rave were combined! Big Little Fish Director of Communications Natasha Morabito told The Sun: “We’ll be touring the nightclubs and cultural centres from Margate to Exeter and many other places in between, finishing off with three afternoons on the Camp Bestival Bollywood stage — which is their main dance stage.”

With over 150 events hosted last year, Teatimes have been organized across the UK, and are now occurring in Australia, with other countries to soon follow! Do you think America will follow along?


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