“Winter” has finally hit California and it’s brought a very cold climate along during the Christmas season. These harsh temperatures especially affect the homeless in Southern California but the PLUR foundation is helping to keep residents warm.

PLUR doesn’t just happen at raves, it’s also a way of life. PLUR Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission to bring Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect to the world by helping those in need, volunteering to better our communities, and encouraging people to pursue their passions. They participate in random acts of kindness, pay-it-forward activities, and monthly group volunteering events.

For this season volunteers handed out more than 500 tents and 700 jackets and other supplies to keep the homeless warm and dry in Downtown Los Angeles. “It gets cold and wet,” said one man who was helped by the group, Mike Montana. “But you do what you have to do. It’s called survival.”

If you would like to help with the PLUR Foundation they’ll be hosting a benefit concert with the Hollywood Light Orchestra and AB Weddings & Special Events on January 14th, at the beautiful Avalon Hollywood, from 2pm-6pm, to help bring awareness and an end to bullying and discrimination. For more info, please click here.


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