Multiple shots were fired at tonight’s El Row party that took place at the Blue Parrot during the 2017 BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen. We were live at the scene as this event took place during Santé back-to-back Sidney Charles set when shots went off. What seemed to be the sound of fireworks turned into screams and panic as attendees rushed towards all exits of the club. Attendees and our team hopped over the fences at the back of the venue and dashed along the beach to any nearby safe zones.

Jackmaster tweeted soon after the event that 4-5 people are dead and multiple wounded. All closing BPM Festival parties have been shut down.

Edson Portillo, a fan who was at the event tonight, had this to say:

We started hearing shots but everyone thought it was fireworks. Till we saw security run after someone and we saw the shots coming out of the guns. So everyone dropped to the ground. Then all of a sudden it got calm, and then on the beach side of the hotel someone else was running away shooting back at security. Then after a couple seconds we all got up and started running for the exits. On our way out we could see people laid out bleeding…dead…

Global Dance Electronic is reporting live at the scene and will deliver updates as they become available.

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