Some express their opinion with words, be them spoken or written. Others take the opportunity to demonstrate their thoughts with a piece of work. The other side of the argument had their fun long ago with Epic Mashleg, but this year Hardwell used today’s holiday to do his own artful commentary of a genre he has criticism of. The latest upload to his soundcloud is a 16 minute clip of…drums. The same drums, melody, and a few not-so-well mixed sound effects. For 16 minutes. This “short preview” on “RVLD” definitely takes a few jabs back at those in the Techno community who mock the mainstage anthems that Hardwell puts out. In reality, any style sounds bland if no thought is put into making it sound unique; this joke helps bring that point to light.

“Throwing down underground vibes, Revealed Recordings enters the realms of deep, dark and minimal influenced electronica with a fresh sub-label titled RVLD. So underground heads take note, as one of dance music’s most successful imprints embarks on a new journey of discovery and creativity. The first release under the HWL banner comes from the pseudonym of one of Holland’s most renowned DJ/Producers. Flying under his side moniker HWL, the first single is titled ‘Be My Guest’ and will be officially released April 1 2017. With its driving tempo and fizzing hi hats, ‘Be My Guest’ cuts its teeth with rugged success! Talking of this exciting new direction HWL said: ā€œIā€™m super excited to reveal this new side project. It’s been bubbling away for six years but never fully finished, until now. So I’m really happy to not only be giving the fans a flavour of my darker musical side but also an introduction into what’s to come from myself, as well as a plethora of true underground artists.ā€

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