The Netherlands have unsurprisingly produced another incredible house duo, Project North. Josh Brust and Jeroen Dekker are both international men out of The Netherlands, who both have had training in music since a very young age. Together as Project North, you can expect to hear hip-hop, latin, and jungle influences in the many of their releases, which creates an entirely unique listening experiences to their type of energetic, big-room house productions.

Their latest release ‘Think Twice; gained the support of a lifetime to jettison their career forward, a first play off of Hardwell’s ‘Off The Record’ podcast. What starts as a laid-back tune, quickly speeds up to a highly energetic house production, with powerful kick-drums and basslines complimented with jungle-inspired percussion and soundbites. With Darrik Atwater lending his voice, ‘Think Twice’ is intense release that is sure light up a dance floor new you!

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