Although electronic music is booming in America, Europe was the founding father of the scene. Hardwell recently did an interview with Apparently This Matters, and explains that “America is really catching up.” Born in The Netherlands, Hardwell grew up listening to electronic music because it’s been around in Europe longer than it’s been popular in America. He shares his opinion on the differences of the music scenes and his appreciation towards the growing scene. The rest of the interview includes questions like what he does in the DJ booth, what music he likes outside of EDM, and much more random and fun topics.

Let me speak from the dance music point of view. America is really, really, really catching up… Europe is completely different and you can’t compare it because dance music has been around [in Europe] for the last two decades… My generation grew up on dance music and the classics and its different from America. If you ask ‘how did dance music start?’ [in America], probably 80% will answer, and with all respect, Daft Punk. But even before Daft Punk, there was so much going on… But what I really like about America is that they have their own opinion of dance music.

Check out the interview below.

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  1. Bee

    Dance music started in the US (Detroit, Chicago, NY) as an outlet for “others” i.e. black and gay people. It came out of disco. It went to Europe afterwards and grew in popularity there.


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