Inspired by the George Saunders’ novel, Lincoln in the Bardo, American songwriting duo Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz have released an interesting remix album to the Bardo Hauntings EP. The Bardo Hauntings I & II are a collection of 12 songs that the artist call hauntings of the original tracks. They’re a blend of American folk with some contemporary elements of dance music, and yet becomes something completely other worldly. Expect the jammy folk vibes of Coachella with exception production mixing.

“The title, “bardo hauntings,” is based on the idea that remixes haunt the original songs.  In this case, the original songs are those of American Bardo, so these remixes are “bardo hauntings.

As with ghosts, the original is present and absent at the same time.

A bardo is an in-between place.  These remixes are in-between the genres of Americana and EDM–and yet are not fully either.” – Eric Anders

The Americana singer and songwriters are both from California and have won quite the collection of accolades to their American Bardo album that you’ll haunting remixes of down below. Together the two artists have been creating music together since the early 2000s.

Check out Bardo Hauntings I & II down below!

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