This time last year (so yesterday basically), Hardstyle turned mainstage artist Headhunters shocked all of Defqon 1’s live crowd by announcing his return to Hardstyle. In the two-minute video below, he announced the news in the only way that he could…with an epic spoken word sample, describing his journey away from the genre three years ago. Plenty of disbelief and shock filled the air of the festival and the digital air of comments sections around the globe…but we don’t think he’d create an intro like this for nothing.

Willem Rebergen is responsible for introducing countless fans into the genre since 2006 with old hits like Dragonborn and The Sacrifice with Bobby van Putten when they were a duo. What’s to come is still unclear, but we imagine an announcement like that will be followed up by an album, or at least an epic EP. We’re excited to see how the story continues from this triumphant resurgence of this legend’s old sound.

Read his letter to the Hardstyle community and watch as he make’s a surprise appearance at Defqon.1 over the weekend all down below.

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