Defqon.1’s revival of an estranged Hardstyle artist was so nice, they did it twice. After Showtek shocked the world by returning to the genre in 2015, the subsequent year revealed the coming resurgence of Headhunterz’s classic sound in the most appropriate way possible. To recap, those in the massive crowd was treated to this announcement by way of a booming voice over the MainStage speakers:

“Three years ago, an unrivaled legend ventured into new territories in search of his true purpose,” the speakers rang out into the crowd. “Time has revealed his destiny, to return home and sacrifice himself to hardstyle. Forever. Headhunterz is back!”

Looking back at that video, we now realize the operative word was indeed “Destiny,” because it happens to be the name of his comeback single. In the video, our Headhunting protagonist breaks himself out of a chair he was taped to and proceeds to break out of a VR enhanced survival game. Despite a couple lives in the process, he has quite the action packed adventure. “Destiny tells the story of my return to Hardstyle and marks a very significant moment in my life and musical career,” he says. “My wish was to shoot a full-blown cinematic video for it to honor this moment.”

Check out the official music video below and listen to Headhunterz talk about what he learned from leaving hardstyle, here.

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