The Shamanic is here to bring the heat this summer with a classic house music hit, ‘Fire’. Heavy on the piano chords, the tune is an instant sensation mostly attributed to its iconic sound that blends rhythms of the past with the present. A powerhouse production deserves an incredible vocalist. What Andrea Love brings to ‘fire’ is nothing short of spectacular. She brings the soul to ignite the flames of ‘fire’ in a truly powerful way. With all the darkness the world has endured this past year and half, ‘Fire’ brings the type of happiness and energy to reinvigorate the masses. And of course, it gets the people dancing.

The idea was there’s a lot of dark music out there, we wanted to create music that if we were going to put our own imprint on it – that was inspirational”. – Craig J

The Shamanic is super-duo comprised of industry veterans Ralphi Rosario and Craig J Snider. The two are critically acclaimed hitmakers and legendary instrumentalists/producers in the studio. Their union is only natural after crossing paths so many times in the pop music realm. We are very excited to see what else is yet to come from the fiery duo, The Shamanic.

Listen to ‘Fire’ down below!

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