Miami-based DJ/Producer Ikigai is on the road to be the next greatest act in dance music. A quick listen to his latest cut, ‘Double Kick’, will show off his talents as producer. Aggressive basslines and kicks coupled with screechy synths that resemble the feels and energy of Skrillex’s OWSLA camp will have you jumping and pumping your fist for more from Ikigai.

“Even in the darkest moments, there is always a flicker of hope. It may not always be hope for triumph or salvation, as loss is inevitable, but rather, there always exists the hope for finding ourselves. For finding our Ikigai.”

Read our interview with him down below and check out ‘Double Kick’

Ikigai, welcome to Global Dance Electronic. Where are you in the world currently?

Although Ikigai originates in Japan, the home base at the moment is sunny Miami! Which is very convenient since Ultra Music Festival is only a few short months away.

Strong production across your latest release ‘Double Kick’, what inspired you to make this track?

When creating ‘Double Kick’, I wanted to create a blend of not just my usual Japanese Electronic aesthetic, but to start introducing a touch of heavy metal as well. It’s where my musical roots lie in many ways, and the goal was to start bringing it to the forefront of this song, and others that are soon follow.

What’s behind your unique artist name, Ikigai?

I’m glad you ask! Ikigai is thousand year old Japanese term that translates to “A reason for being”. We all have Ikigai in our lives, and each person’s is different. But it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. The moment the idea hit me to potentially make this moniker unique and my own, I knew it was a decision I wouldn’t regret, because it will never be untrue.

When did your musical journey first begin?

My journey began when I was a toddler listening to pop music of the 80’s. I was always performing for family friends from a young age, and that’s a tradition that still lives on to this very day.

What would you say your most significant achievement has been, to date?

No matter what comes in the future, the initial reveal of Ikigai, as well as dropping the debut single will always be a huge milestone for me, for many personal reasons.

Away from Ikigai, are you behind any other current artistic projects you can share with us?

Ikigai itself is a bit of a mystery, yet I’m not ready to tease additional mysteries at the moment. Anyone behind a mask could secretly be Ikigai! 

And lastly, tell us one unknown fact about you!

Ikigai is a Tae Kwon Do Black Belt. The double flying kicks from my ” Double Kick ” trailer have long been in my hidden arsenal of tricks! And yet, with so much more to learn, I do aspire to one day be HALF as good as Master Laidback Luke in terms of martial arts.

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