We all remember when EDC Vegas passes went on sale for 2020 back in September. The festival sold out by the next day, and Camp EDC sold out a week later.

To help meet the demand, a limited amount of RV passes were released four days ago to help festival goers who wanted to camp and may have missed the opportunity to get into the shift pods. Pasquale, while he was unable to create more rooms for shift pods, moved things around to enable more space for RVs to help more people avoid the shuttles or terrible drive to the speedway.

Now, a wait list has been opened. It is not uncommon for people to purchase a festival pass, especially for big ones like EDC, and end up unable to attend. People who are on payment plans end up being unable to make payments, or something else comes up: work, family obligations, a wedding you didn’t know you had to attend. EDC has created a wait list for any headliners who are purchased tickets and are not able to attend, making their ticket available on a first come, first serve basis..

While being on the wait list doesn’t mean you will get a ticket, it does give people another way to secure a pass through Insomniac versus attempting to buy tickets off of someone you don’t know and possibly getting scammed or up-charged. The wait list, if you are chosen, allows for you to get up to 2 passes. As it is a first come, first serve basis, if you want to try and get a ticket, you should sign up right away. The waist list is not only for EDC passes, but Camp EDC as well. Prices for the tickets are Later Owl Tier, plus taxes and fees, and there is no payment plan option available – if you get a pass, your card will get charged fully outright.

Click here to sign up for the wait list and read up on how it works. Good luck, headliner hopefuls!

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