Everyone who has lived or been to Miami, especially during Miami Music Week, knows about the iconic Club Space. Located in Downtown Miami, the club is known for bringing amazing acts in and being open past the sunrise so you never have to stop dancing.

Club Space has been around for almost two decades, but came under new ownership back in 2016. Davide Danese and Coloma Kaboomsky, of Link Miami Rebels, and David Sinopoli, who is the founder of III Points, became known as the Space Invaders. They brought a different life to Space, changing up the the club itself while continuing to bring in talent. Now, another partner has made its way in, and it is none other than Insomniac.

Insomniac Events, who we all known and love as the organization that gives us EDC Las Vegas, Escape Psycho Circus, and HARD Summer, as well as many other concerts and events throughout the world, has gone into partnership with Club Space. According to them, the club management and operations will the same, but the joining of forces allows for Club Space’s sustained existence for the next decade and more in Miami.

Pasquale Rotella, CEO and found of Insomniac, gave this statement:

“Space is one of the most iconic dance music venues in the US if not the world, and I’m excited that Insomniac is now a partner. Davide, Coloma, and Sinopoli have done an exceptional job revitalizing this venue to be better than it’s ever been. They are passionate people that care about creating experiences, and share the same core values that Insomniac lives by. The Space Invaders team will still be running the show and together we will set the bar for entertainment in Miami. Space is another important piece of the Insomniac vision coming together.”

Insomniac has been doing a lot recently. EDC Orlando expanded, the Insomniac Passport has come to fruition, and now, there is another Florida presence within Space. The Space Invaders seem excited about it. Sinopoli stated:

“Our Space Invaders team is excited about this partnership with Insomniac. We have admired their work for a while now, and over the past year have gotten to know everyone on their team. They are young, creative, and most importantly, their focus is on constantly working to provide the best possible experience for their guests.

We have worked tirelessly over the past three years to renew the energy inside Club Space and maintain a calm, safe environment while curating a space where people can enjoy a wide range of entertainment. Our Space Invaders team will continue to book the music and operate the club exactly as we have been. We believe that through this relationship with Insomniac we can continue to grow and secure our home at Space with a partner who has an aligned vision of the future of the Miami music scene.”

The partnership of the two is a partnership between a powerhouse organization and a powerhouse venue within Miami, and it will be exciting to see how Miami’s scene and how Space thrives with

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