Insomniac’s fan-favorite festival, Beyond Wonderland, is just a month away and today Headliners were given a glimpse of the beauty that awaits them in the official Endless Sea trailer. The short film revisits a spellbound Alice, now trapped within the pages of a magical book, and held aboard the Queen’s fairy-dusted flying ship. Realizing Alice’s predicament, the Queen tears out Alice’s page from the book and casts her into the vast depths of the ocean below, freeing her from the spell. As Alice swims toward the surface, a heavy bassline kicks in, and the fantastical world of Beyond Wonderland comes into view. Soon, Alice and Headliners alike are transported into The Endless Sea where the whimsical story continues amidst six stunning stages, curious characters, and imaginative art installations.

Join Alice on her journey through The Endless Sea in the official trailer below


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