In anticipation of the 6th annual Escape: Psycho Circus, Insomniac today released a frightening official trailer for this year’s premiere Halloween weekend dance music festival. The spine-chilling short revisits the narrative of Alice and the rest of the Wonderland characters who have shaped Escape’s terrifying theme each year, including a spotlight on the Mad Hatter’s twisted journey. Trapped within the walls of the insane asylum for three grueling years, the Hatter’s tormented mind provides the deranged venue for this year’s Escape: Psycho Circus. Offering a sneak peek of what Headliners can expect from the West Coast’s largest Halloween event, fans are shown images of sadistic orderlies and other unsavory characters cut in and out, as the Hatter’s real world horrors dissolve into sinister scenes of ghoulishly costumed Headliners, colossal stages, and booming beats that will awaken the spirits of Escape’s Psycho Circus. Take a peek at the full official Escape: Psycho Circus trailer, below, if you dare.

On Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29, Escape: Psycho Circus heads back to the NOS Events Center for a haunting spectacle of hair-raising sets, nightmarish décor, circus amusements, creepy costumed characters, and an array of devilish delights. In celebration of Halloween weekend, over 60 dance music acts will perform across four elaborately designed stages. This year’s event will also feature the unveiling of the interactive Insane Asylum, a massive maze-like experience that is sure to frighten even the bravest of souls.


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