Electric Daisy Carnival’s first generation of campers were promised a comprehensive map in due time by Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella, and today they have received their wish. Precisely four months before the epic weekend begins, the official EDC Twitter page shared a bird’s eye view of the campsite layout. First and foremost, there seem to be five campsites; going clockwise, you have the Geode RV camp at the top followed by Sapphire, Moonstone, Ruby, Citrine, and Amethyst. In the center of the action is The Mesa, home to 24-hour food trucks and several sources of entertainment to encounter under the sun before heading into the speedway. For your immediate everyday needs, there are ten restroom facilities, five showers, five bars and a medical facility on site.

Activity areas in The Mesa include The Oasis Pool (home to two of the four bars), Go-Kart Racing, a Roller Rink, Team Sports, a Zen Garden, and the all-important Parliament Art Car, where campers will have access to an exclusive Thursday night kickoff party featuring surprise DJ sets and live entertainment on the Parliament Art Car.

The “three mountains” are the main activity tents that will appear at the heart of the mesa. They include rave aerobics and yoga in the Yellow “Sol” tent, guest speakers, and transformational activities in the blue “Cascada” tent, and massages as well as an official Barbershop in the orange “Terra” tent.

The big kicker for all of this, of course, is the fact that the days of planning a one to two-hour trip to get to the show are GONE. Right under the ruby camp, there is a dedicated festival entrance path for campers to enter and exit EDC as they please during festival hours.

There’s a lot more about the camping experience including the tents you’ll be staying in that we just couldn’t fit above. To get info on the full experience, visit Camp EDC’s Website and purchase your EDC Vegas tickets directly below.


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