A new powerhouse duo to rise from Ireland, ANIM, debuts their first single, ‘Count To Ten’. An edgy pop crossover with both elements of the underground and commercial. It’s a tune unlike any other, born from the ashes of the infamous Burning Man. ‘Count To Ten’ seizes your attention with its distinct sound and epic lyrics that create a very transformational experience.

“Count To Ten’ first came about following a pretty incredible moment for me watching the sunrise at Burning Man festival in the middle of the Black Rock desert in Nevada. I was working on a demo of it here and there for about 3 years. I thought it really had potential but needed someone with both underground & commercial sensibilities to give it a bit of a scrub & gleam to get it to where it needed to be. Once Mark entered the picture, it came together pretty quickly.”

ANIM is an Irish play on the word name, and formed by two well-known DJs/Producers, Darren Rice and Mark McCabe. The two crossed paths countless times on their respective DJ and radio circuits with an idea to collaborate sparking back in 2019. ‘Count To Ten’ is their first official collaboration under the ANIM pseudonym with more upcoming releases in the works.

Check out ‘Count To Ten’ down below!

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