The environment is a major concern to the couple thousand petitioners who are trying to prevent AngelFest Music Festival from touching down on the Sepulveda Basin Recerstion Area for its planned October dates. The primary concern of those petitioning is that the festival will produce enough light and sound pollution to disturb the migration patterns of local birds. The superintendent of recreation and parks operation for the city claims that all of these bases have in fact been covered, though. Due to the screening process already done on the promoter and the festival in question(including what kind of music will be at the festival), the issue that the petition describes is highly incorrect.

As October gets closer, we should have more info on the event and possible consequences of it. Read more on LA Weekly’s full story.

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  1. Anonymous

    GET your fact straight! ! This is going to be a fantastic well planned music art festival that will benefit the community and surrounding areas buisness etc. The animal will be protected. This is a well designed and fruitful featival!!


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