Ariana Grande at Coachella? It certainly wouldn’t surprise us. Her Album Thank U, Next and the several deep tracks about past relationships within garnered unanimous praise from acclaimed publications like Rolling Stone, Jezebel, Pitchfork and even The Atlantic. The Music Video for the title track is an image to several popular movies as well, heavily referencing popular movies like Bring it On and Mean Girls, even featuring Kris Jenner. Essentially, she has plenty of good material for a show-stopping main stage performance.

Ahead of the usual viral announcement by the festival organization, A Twitter user named Andrew Sisamout pointed out an interesting omittance in Grande’s upcoming tour dates. The 14th and 21st are not listed as dates happen to be the consecutive Sundays of the festival. Dates outside of that show Ariana performing in the Midwest, with both cities an easy flight’s worth of time back to California. Also, Ariana does have a total of 5 California tour dates in May with 3 of them being in Los Angeles. So this is where things get a bit tricky with radius clause contracts not allowing her to play any other event/festival during her tour period in the west coast. Things do get approved for major artists to play other events every now and then considering Ariana has sold out the majority of her Cali dates. We’ll have to wait and see if this is a surefire deal, but we certainly wouldn’t complain.

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