Hitting the airwaves just in time for summer comes ‘Young Love’. Produced by Californian producer, J-Rob MD, the new release will kick off your need for all summer activities. Blast this new release on your way to the beach or any road trip to keep your spirits up and the vibes alive. ‘Young Love’ also features singer and songwriter, Jared Mitchell, who delivers an impeccable addition to an already great production.

Check out our interview with J-Rob MD and ‘Young Love’ down below!

GDE: Welcome, J-Rob MD! How has this year been going for you? 
So far this year is going great. Tons of great new music on the way. I’ve been living in the studio and really excited about some of these songs. I always try to keep my songs radio and dance floor friendly, but deliver something a little new and unique. I’m also working in a few different genres of dance music so that’s been fun as well.
GDE: Congratulations on your new track ‘Young Love’. How did you come to collaborate with Lenny B?
Lenny and I were working with a mutual artist on a pop music project. We started talking and getting to know each other and realized we have a lot in common as writers and producers. He’s an incredible guy and an incredible talent. He’s done official remixes for artists like Madonna and Britney spears so he definitely knows his stuff!
GDE: How long was the single in the works? 
I actually wrote this song years ago but wanted to make some changes. I only did a rough demo on it before. But sometimes as time passes, a song speaks to you in different ways, both as a writer and as a producer. Lenny B and I worked together to breathe new life into this one and we are really happy with how it turned out.
GDE: Did you get to spend some physical studio time with Lenny?
Lenny and I have spent time together in the studio, but we worked remotely on this one. Currently I am living near Los Angeles, and he is based out of Nashville.
GDE: Jared Mitchell delivers a strong vocal, have you worked with him previously? 
Yes I have worked with Jared for years. He has such a big powerful voice and is so professional and great to work with. Guys like Jared are hard to find. Just so much talent. Everything he touches always gets taken to another level and I am always excited to have him on my songs.
GDE: What’s the music scene like in the U.S right now? 
Music in the U.S. right now is very tough. It’s tough to make money. People struggle because the checks are just always shrinking. I have a lot of my music in TV shows and Films which really helps. But at the same time, the good news is that dance music in the US is bigger than ever… just look at the Coachella line-up from this year. All different corners of the dance music universe are covered. So that’s great. I think as things in this world get more and more crazy, people want music that helps them feel good, and frees their minds for a few hours.
GDE: Aside from what you produce, what’s another genre of electronic music that you’re a big fan of? 
I love deep-house and tech-house. So does my wife… that’s her thing. So we love seeing house music live, and just dancing, having fun, and letting loose. I also love incorporating a lot of that into my live sets. Sometimes people are surprised because they think my sets will be more pop, but you can always count on some great house music in there.
GDE: And finally, what’s next for J-Rob MD across 2019? 
I’ve got some great new dance pop in the vein of what people can expect from me. But I also have some house music coming out this year as well. I have a great tech-house track coming out on Roller Blaster Records at the end of the summer called “Chemical Attraction.” I’ve also been collaborating with esteemed producer/DJ Ken Bauer on some fantastic new music that should be dropping this summer as well. So all in all it’s going to be a busy year, but a great year, and I am really looking forward to it!

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