The worlds of Netflix and Hulu had mixed levels of amusement at the brand new Fyre Festival documentary. Everyone seemed to find a good laugh out of it…except for Ja Rule, that is. The rapper who helped organize the festival flew under the radar during all of the headlines detailing the fate of Fyre’s biggest mastermind Billy McFarland; a string of court dates that ended in a 6-year prison sentence. The rapper only came to Twitter with the below thread and string of responses to the tweets of others because of an interview he had after the viral disaster took place. In the documentary, he said that the events that occurred were not fraud, but “False advertising.”

The most interesting thing Ja rule referred to was the alleged “Recipts he claims to have regarding the festival. What those recipes entail is still mystery, but this may be the beginnings of a counter-documentary? Stay tuned to his Twitter to find out what’s to come.

The rapper had several other things to say on Twitter as well.


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