From garage band to instant pop icons, JAGMAC bursted onto the scene in 2018 after being awarded the ‘NBT’ (Next Big Thing) on Radio Disney. Since 2015, the group has been carefully churning out tunes and perfecting their craft. You may recognize their hit singles ‘Be Honest’ and ”Like Me’ all over the internet and pop radio charts. The group has been touring all over the country, touching hearts and leaving dust on the dance floor. Now, the group is proud to present the latest to their discography with a little help from their friends, a remix album.

‘Like A Band’ was their latest hit single that’s now getting the remix treatment from Kue, BOOSTEDKID, DJ Gozzi, and Manny Martinez. Together these musicians have collectively worked with a few news you may recognized that include Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Pitbull, Justin Timberlake, and many others.

Treat yourself to a few listens down below!

We caught up with JAGMAC as they return hot off the back of their recent U.S. tour & touch down with The Remixes of their single ‘Like A Band’. Here’s how we got on below:

Hi JAGMAC, welcome to Global Dance Electronic – How are you all doing? 

Hi! Thanks so much for having us! We’re doing well! We’ve had quite a busy summer so far and we’re extremely happy about that! 

We’re here to chat about your single ‘Like A Band’ – which has a real sunshine vibe about it, did you always plan a summer release? 

Yeah, it definitely does have a summer vibe to it! Not sure if it was planned to be released in the summer, however it worked out perfectly. 

Being siblings, how do you find working so closely/touring together? 

Being on the road together is like one long vacation on a bus, but then you get to perform together every night! Honestly, it’s so much fun. Has its ups and downs for sure, but it’s totally worth it – seeing new places, meeting new fans and making memories with your band mates is an experience we’ll treasure forever. 

Coming off the back of some live shows recently, what gig stood out to you most and why?

Each place we perform at is very special in its own way, but one that really stood out to us would have to be performing “Like A Band” for the first time at We Day! The crowd was incredible and at the end of the performance, they dropped confetti! It felt like a dream! 

What’s the single best piece of fan mail, you’ve all received to date? 

That’s a hard one. Each time a fan reaches out to us and tells us that our music has inspired them in some way, that means the world to us. We feel so blessed and honored to know that our music has an effect on people. 

And lastly, do you have a follow up to ‘Like A Band’ already in the works? 

Great question – Yes! We have more music coming so stay tuned! 

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