The midwest has brought about the likes of JahkR, an emerging EDM producer who draws much of his production influences from main-stagers like Tiësto to the harder styles of dance music like Frontliner. Hot off the heels from his love for track & field days, JahkR found the same high intensity energy in EDM with its pumping basslines and eclectic melodies. This unsigned artist has been working hard in the studio in hopes that his ‘Catharsis’ LP will be played at a main stage near you.

A quick listen to ‘Future of Doom’, the album’s first single, will give you some hints to what JahkR’s music is all about. Classical violin melodies that are coupled with hip hop kicks, hi-hats, and snares that give the song an almost apocalyptic feel, especially when the iconic opera sample kicks in. JahkR’s other tracks on ‘Catharsis’ radiate with feels of European dance music and touch on a lot of trance and hard dance productions.

‘Anxiety of Life’ is a personal favorite that truly radiates with the nostalgia of old euro-dance music. From the whiney synthesizers that build up into energetic four-to-the-floor kick, the track sends you back in time to older styles of dance music. ‘The Journey’, another track that follows later exemplifies JahkR’s flexibility as an artist with the time and offers a modern, funky groove and slower tempo that will have anyone into late night jams dancing into the early AM.

It’s without a doubt that trance music has been a huge influence on JahkR’s production, as most of the LP is dominated with trance music. ‘Catharsis’ ends with ‘Wishing You Was Here’, which is the perfect kicker to this 9-track LP. The song borrows the sounds of an older generation that can be freely played at any day time beach party or whenever you’re in the need for some collective effervescence, commonly found within the trance music community. The song mixes it up during the bridge by incorporating half-time break down before picking the trance rhythm up until the song finishes.

All in all, we hope JahkR continues his journey, as ‘Cartharsis’ is only the beginning

Catharsis LP Tracklist (Release Date TBD):

1. Untitled
2. Anxiety of Life
3. My Inspiration
4. Beast Guitar
5. The Journey
6. Future of Doom
7. Winter’s Paradise
8. Sunshine and Freedom
9. Wishing You Was Here

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