Jason Ross’s first full length album 1000 Faces made waves when it depended on Ophelia records. Throughout the 10 track journey, the SoCal producer showcased a combination of the Progressive Trance sound he founded himself with and the wild stylings of Bass Music. 

The remix package from the album maintains this diversity, with reworks from six different artists. Each remix leaves a strong mark, mainly because they flip the original idea on its head like No Mana’s progressive take on Shelter. Other remixes keep the original style in place but adds an edgy new take, as AWAKEND does on his rework of When the Night Falls. No matter what the style, the productions tell as strong of a story as the original tunes do.

Ophelia continues to raise the bar by scouting a passionate collective of talent. Labelhead Seven Lions support their music on the label’s Twitch streams, promising a compilation’s worth of material from them coming soon. Follow the channel to hear news and audio previews and stream this EP here.

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