Jason Ross reached a new milestone today with his new release on Anjunabeats, Rooms. The six cubes that adorn the center of the album sleeve represent the six experiences that influenced the EP’s creation. “The Rooms concept is a representation of the evolution of me as a person and artist, explains Jason. “Each room represents a pinnacle growing point in my life that has brought me to where I am today.”

Arranged as a mix, the EP is a solid journey that starts and ends with compelling instrumentals. The title track leads the way with a short sweet and warm progression of melodies, and New Dawn is a calming exploration of Ross’s influences through strings, vocal samples and otherworldly synths. A familiar vocalist comes into the mix for the second track; after teaming up with Ross and Seven Lions for their single Ocean, Johnathan Mendelsohn jumps in the studio once again to lend his vocals to  Close Your Eyes. The track’s instrumentation swells the EP’s energy in a steady fashion with lyrics that illustrate how best to push through one’s fears with their imagination. His other vocal collaboration on the album IOU articulates his Bass Music side, featuring sublime, catchy phrases from LA vocalist Emillie Brandt.

 Ross injects his signature high octane instrumental stylings into the middle of EP. The two tracks in question were inspired by his travels to Washington and China for two different anniversaries on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy radio show. The first is East of Eden, a visceral number that immerses the listener into the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. He immediately escorts us into a more vast atmosphere with The Gorge. Crafted alongside Seattle native Dimibo, the track boasts unique lead synth in the intro, keeps you going with a hypnotizing array of melodies, and explodes on the drop with the aid of a more gritty bassline to round out the thunderous Psytrance Progressive hybrid. All in all, Rooms is a deeply personal concept EP as well as a package of strong additions to a wide variety of DJ sets.

Ross plays at Exchange LA tonight and hits San Francisco on Saturday before scaling the U.S. on his Rooms Tour. Check out a full list of tour dates on his website. 



*More dates to be added

Jan 25 – Exchange, Los Angeles, CA

Jan 26 – Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA

Jan 31 – Aston Manor, Seattle, WA

Feb 1 – The Church, Denver, CO

Feb 2 – Celebrities, Vancouver, BC

Feb 9 – REV, Minneapolis, MN

Feb 15 – Sound-Bar, Chicago, IL

Feb 16 – The Grasshopper, Detroit, MI

Feb 22 – L’Astral, Montreal, QC

Feb 23 –  CODA, Toronto ON

Mar 1 – Soundcheck, Washington DC

Mar 8 – Vulcan, Austin, TX

Mar 9 – Gilt, Orlando, FL

Mar 14 – Sky, Salt Lake City, UT

Mar 15 – Spire, Houston, TX

Mar 16 – Lizard Lounge, Dallas, TX


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