As part of a trilogy release, Washington-based musician, Jeads, releases an electronic music based album entitled ‘Nocturnal Signal’. His other two related album releases focus more on acoustic guitar instrumentation that draw heavily on jazz and classical. Jeads takes a naturalistic approach when curating ‘Nocturnal Signal’ in the sense that he’s taking live recordings of the sounds of the forest and natural landscapes around him, most of which are captured and produced at night. It can be quite the experience when you’re out in the bare elements, capturing whatever sounds are as natural as possible and introducing it to the bending elements offered by digital production.

“Most of the songs on Nocturnal Signal were written at night. The title track was written in a dream I had a number of years ago. Oddly enough, in the dream I was playing the melody on a trumpet, an instrument I’ve never played before. When I woke up I picked up my guitar and worked out the melody. I’ve re-used both the melody and chord progression in different songs and in different ways a number of times and will likely continue to do so; the structure is durable in different musical forms.” – Jeads

‘Deep In The Night’ opens up the sound waves with basslines that crescendo and are guided by Jeads live guitar instrumentations. The sun is setting, the nocturnal forest is becoming alive with the sounds curated by Jeads. ‘Sun Through The Clouds’ is a personal favorite that takes arppegiating synthesizers and rhythms, which you can’t help, but move and groove to. You’ll find the nocturnal soundscape ending as Late Night Meditation kicks in and the sonic sun begins to rise as the album closes.

Listen to ‘Nocturnal Signal’ down below!

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