Change is in the air for Major Lazer. The American electronic trio founded in 2008 used to originally consist of Diplo and Switch, then years later DJs Jillionaire and Walshy Fire join the group after Switch had left. But it seems history has once again repeated itself as one member will be leaving for good.

News broke that Jillionaire has left the trip to pursue a solo career. He seems to have been replaced by Ape Drums, who has been a longtime collaborator. Their set at Gov Ball this past weekend featured Ape Drums and Jillionaire was nowhere to be seen.

Major Lazer’s upcoming project album┬áLazerism┬áwas announced on May 24th as, “A new era of lazer,” which seems to refer to both the new tracks as well as the new trio. We are excited to see where this leads.

See the tweeted video below:

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