A fluid 8-track LP entitled ‘The Invitation’ was recently released by Detroit-based indie pop and psychedelic group, Jobbaloon. Their music is akin to that of Radiohead, Dirtwire, and Manic Focus. It’s meticulously driven by the raw energy and emotions that carefully brings about one cohesive sound rather than 8 individual tracks. After a few listens of ‘Baby Blue’, the voice of bandmember Josh Achatz may have some of us thinking it’s Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Listening to some of the lyrics from ‘Aligned’ you would think the group were devout Satanists, but that’s not the case, they’ve only ‘befriended’ the devil. It’s more a play on Jobbaloon never selling out, until they eventually do on their own terms.

“Our music is written from the heart, for our own enjoyment. The writing process is a cathartic, healing and liberating experience for us, and the hope is other people will have the same experience listening to the songs. If the process is enjoyed, that should translate into an enjoyable end-product. We put a ton of work into our live show, to make it as engaging as possible. We wanted to create a full-on psychedelic experience, beyond just music, complete with trippy video projection, smoke, lights, confetti, etc. I desperately didn’t want it to be a typical, lackluster, local show, but to be grabbing and in-your-face and hard to look away from.”

In support of the album’s release, Jobbaloon has also released a music video for the single ‘Days’. A visual experience that matches the light-hearted carefree spirit of the song.

We can not wait to see Jobbaloon perform live one day!

Listen to album down below!

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