Who doesn’t love Tacos? Who doesn’t love Kaskade? Now imagine having both at the same time… NO! Not like that. Get your mind out the gutter. Ok but on a serious note. For those who have gone to Vegas probably have stopped by at one of Tacos El Gordo’s famous locations after a night of turning up at the club. You’ve seen those long ass lines. WE’VE ALL GONE THERE! The food is just too damn bomb… ok now we’re hungry.

One person who loves Tacos just as much as we do is the legendary Kaskade. Today, he announced an exclusive, and limited, merch collaboration with the famous Tacos El Gordo that will be sold at the Electric Family Pop-Up shop during EDC Week. The Electric Family pop up shop will be at Beer Park LV Wed-Sat 12pm-7pm featuring new goods and the best artist merch available! They’ll also be having meet & greets with Jauz, San Holo, 3LAU, Slushii, Gryffin, and of course Kaskade. Keep in mind a lot of this merch is exclusive and limited so please arrive early.

See below for all the full info!

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