Kaskade joins forces with the Swedish trio BROHUG (composed of John Dahlbäck, and Chris and Niklas Lunde) for perhaps the most prolific throwback single in electronic music to date, a tribute to one of the most significant years in music – 1990. The namesake-titled track is a play on SNAP!’s iconic “The Power,” reworked with snippets of the original vocals set to Kaskade and BROHUG’s ingenious production. Opening with a groovy melody as the backdrop to nostalgia-ridden lyrical riffs, “1990” progressively builds the tension to almost unbearable levels. We all know the moments just before a track of this magnitude drops, and the pressure is real right before the bouncy and driving crescendo, on which every old school fan’s favorite line, “I’ve Got the Power!” rides perfectly. “1990” is out on Kaskade’s Arkade imprint. Hear about the new release in the artists’ own words below:

“1990 was an incredible year for music. You couldn’t go into a club, pizzeria, or record store without hearing the iconic song by SNAP! “The Power,” and here we are in 2020 with it still buzzing in the zeitgeist. ‘1990’ is only to be played on the loudest of speakers, and has got the power to stay stuck in your head long after hearing it.” – Kaskade & BROHUG

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