Major music update with Tomorrowland! Katy Perry will be joining the lineup for Tomorrowland’s Around The World virtual festival, which is set to go live July 25-26th. The announcement was made on a video call with Martin Garrix stating that she will be headlining the festival. This pop star icon is releasing her latest album, “Smile” and will be doing a special sneak peek performance of it during her Around The World performance.

Her fifth studio album is a fusion of her pop style with EDM. We already know that this “California Girl” can give a hell of a show between her elaborate music videos to her 2015 Super Bowl Half Time performance. When asked about her reaction about being part of this online festival wonderland Katy expressed how in awe she was always left from Tomorrowland’s jaw-dropping production and always featuring some of the biggest music legends from around the globe. Now, Perry is one of those among them.

I’ve always wanted to be a part of the fun of Tomorrowland, and have been following the amazing innovation, technology, and invention that this festival has always been about for a long time. I’m so glad to be a part of this version, and I hope my set makes you smile.” 

Whether you want to partake in a two day EDM virtual festival or be one of the firsts to hear the artist’s latest project, tickets are still available online through Tomorrowland’s Around the World website. Who knows maybe once Tomorrowland can open it’s doors to fans once again we can expect more mainstream music legends to be part of the festival.

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