Las Vegas has celebrities on deck at their nightclubs as much as they have musical talent, from Jamie Foxx to Jenna Marbles. Hakkasan Nightclub just added a big personality of their own to their roster: none other than Kim Kardashian West. It is unclear to what capacity the selfie empress will be the main act of the night, be it simply hosting the event or performing behind the decks. The latter would be interesting debut, we just hope it doesn’t go down like Paris Hilton in Ibiza.

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  1. Joe Genaldi

    This is just a joke….I’ll come there and actually play music live and mix live for half of what she is charging to walk in the door. But I guess because I didn’t get famous from a sex tape and then exploit myself on that it won’t happen. But keep on buying into the American Dream people!! Support those that could care less about you 🙂


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