The Yousaf Sisters interview with Thump were synthesized into a piece that reveals a complex situation to digest. In it, Jahan and Yasmine dispel their truths on what their and Kris Trindl’s brainchild Krewella went through before splitting. Their conversation unfolds a plethora of thoughts, and here are the things we noticed them bring to the light.

They were forced to split: neither party truly wanted to part.

Based on the situation the Yousafs describe, their relationship with Kris swerved along based on love lost, problems with alcoholism, and 180 of both parties in terms of work ethic. Yasmine gives Kris the credit for helping her develop the good habits she had today, but notes the decline of his own due to excessive drinking. Their efforts to include him even allegedly entailed him faking the mixing he did himself during their live shows. They reveal a key fact about how Kris’s problem hindered the release of their album:

“I’d say he produced a chunk of our full-length album Get Wet. But that’s when he was drinking very heavily and not working, so we had to outsource producers. I remember a couple of tracks on the album nearly did not make it in because Kris wouldn’t work on them, so we couldn’t get them finished. After Get Wet, he wasn’t the main producer anymore.”

Deadmau5 and TMZ’s misunderstandings

Sometimes Deadmau5 manages to expose truths to consider in his rants, and other times he jumps to become crass for the sake of it; his rapid fire on the girls ended up being a lot more of the latter. The statements Joel put forth against Krewella included an incorrect claim of them not mixing at all and an ignorant assumption that they don’t pull any weight. This interview allowed them to offer an explanation of what their exact setup was and highlighted the fact that others use it too. Jahan added her final thoughts on the subject of his outbursts:

“If you have an immense amount of power and influence, I think it’s important to make sure the facts are straight. You can ruin people’s reputations. He got more attention than the TMZ article, so I think he was the main one to spread that lie about us.”

The public’s misunderstandings that followed

As they said, a large number of individuals took the skewed comments against the two girls for face value, further complicating the issue at hand. The buzz put forth that the girls party too much (which can unfairly tarnish a woman’s career), birthed an unnecessary fear in the girls. Yasmine explains:

“It felt wrong for me to be even holding a beer. For about six months, I didn’t go out, and if I did, I wouldn’t drink. I definitely felt this pressure to prove that I was sober and I didn’t want to party, and I didn’t want him to party. Now I definitely don’t feel like that—I realized that it’s stupid to let other people govern how you’re going to live your life. I know my limits. If someone sees me drunk, who gives a fuck? I can’t be perfect.”

Their awareness that these misunderstandings will continue indefinitely

Yasmine offered a reflection on where they as a duo will be perceived no matter how much they prove themselves from here on out: “I think people will be saying [that we don’t put in any work] for the rest of our careers.” The damage from the lawsuit drama that erupted will take longer than just 3 years to finally settle, and even then there are plenty of people who will be set in their own ways after being driven out of following the group after said issues occurred.

What Thump helped to present was the complete side of these sisters’ viewpoints. Judging by the credit they’ve given him for helping establish their workflow in addition to the negative truths they told about him, this appears to be a fair argument from their side. Read the full interview on Thump now.

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