Dance music gives loads of credit to the producer and appreciates a well-curated set, but Laidback Luke is one of many who wants to instill more passion and thought behind a true live DJ. He shares plenty of thoughts via Reddit about the subject, and some of the quotes that grabbed our attention include those that challenge the accepted climate of performance in sets today:

“I’m quite disappointed at the level of DJing nowadays. Especially if you keep in mind the shit ton of money we get paid as DJs. Shouldn’t you be an expert at what you do then?”

Not one to present a problem without a solution, he also gives good advice on how to build the innate talent crucial to a DJ’s success:

“The smaller clubs and bars are the perfect environment to learn how to read the crowd! It’s super simple actually: see what they respond to. If they go hard on a techy track and not Adele Hello, then it’s an underground crowd. The other way around, it could be a top 40 crowd. But an EDM crowd could like an Adele Hello mashup, but not like Rihanna, so you’ll need to feel that out as well. Keep monitoring the energy in a room and play with it. I did a couple of DJing tutorials on this and you can find them on”

See everything the prolific DJ has to share on his AMA.

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