Experimental and deconstructed is the name of the game in Lamedd’s latest cut, Permit. The 5-track EP delivers listeners, new and old, with an audio peak into Lamedd’s mind as his toils with the inner turmoil of his life experiences as a gay man and his environment. The album listens like the broken IDM beats of Amon Tobin and Squarepusher, somehow there’s a rhythm and drive to dance or at the very least reflect on the sounds that make your body feel some type of way.

“Permit  boasts the ability to express my violent urges, weakness, softness, impulsiveness and power in the same breath. 
I allowed my music to scream, wail, cry; To express without any filters. I improvised the tracks without fully knowing where I was going.
But above all, I think, Permit describes my experience as a gay man in a somewhat violent and rough place.” 
– Lamedd

Based in a rural part of southern Israel, Lamedd in the brainchild of Leaor Adler. After attending a private music production academy in Tel Aviv, he released his first EP in 2016. A brief stint back in school brought him back to music in 2022, where he’s been diving head first back into music as a healthy form of self-expression in what he describes as a particularly violent and rough place to live.

Permit is Lamedd’s third studio release with a fourth on its way.

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