He’s back again. Les Techno recently released a summer record, ‘In The Sunshine’, giving his fans exactly what they wanted as summer opens up a once closed pandemic world. It’s the perfect record to listen to during these long summer evenings. Something to be heard at a large scale festival like Coachella, it’s really a great, swanky tune. Impressive guitar riffs and improvisation brings the sort of liveliness we’ve all been missing since the Covid lockdowns.

“Its a summer record, you know? Like we are waking up from a nightmare and laying out in a field on a sunny day.”

Captivating and mysterious, Les Techno lets his unique soundscapes take you on journey through dark poppy, tongue-and-cheek lyrics with impressive productions. His music will transport you through different settings entirely, into another world that is the curious mind of Les Techno.

Check out ‘Into The Sunshine’ down below!

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