From “Get Low” to “Turn Down for What,” Lil Jon’s biggest hits contain a dimension of reckless abandon. Jon’s newest single “In the Pit,” featuring Terror Bass, carries on that tradition with a heavy, dangerous beat from producer Skellism. And that intensity has sometimes caused problems for the rapper.

“If I play it in a bottle service club, the owners will be like, ‘What the fuck is wrong with you? You’re trying to tear my club up,’” he told Billboard.

“A lot of my music’s been banned,” he added. “I did the crunk movement, and it’s the same feeling now as the crunk era—that got people too crazy, too fucking wild, fighting and all kinds of shit. My whole career has been: I make music for the club to go crazy.”

The rapper said his goal is to shake listeners from their comfortable, laid-back listening habits.

“I think the world has gone chill,” he says. “Which is fine, but I’m really looking at anything aggressive, angry, loud. We have happy music. This is the opposite of the happy shit: hard as fuck”

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