Hear the influences of disco, pop, and funk on Brooklyn-based, Arcadia’s, latest hit single, ‘No One Can Stop You’. We know we’re still months away from summertime, but Arcadia is taking us straight into the season with the heat found on this instant pop classic. Feel the powerful message in the lyrics that will hopefully light up a fire inside like it did for us as Arcadia promotes a sense of self-empowerment and self respect.

“It’s just time – time for women and girls to Rise and Shine, not in a “fight” against society, but as an example of what empowerment looks like, and what mutual respect and connection looks like. I want my music to be an inspiration for listeners, a beacon of hope that changes your mood if you’re in a bad one and gets you out of your head and into the world.” – Arcadia

Arcadia’s love and passion for music has been a life-long journey. In the densely crowded world of pop music, Arcadia has risen through the crowd as an immensely talented musician with a fiery personality. Music took Arcadia around the United States, leaving her home in New York for various stints and projects in Seattle and Los Angeles, before finding herself back in the Big Apple.

Listen to ‘No One Can Stop You’ down below!

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