Houston-based electronic music project, Beatnik Neon, recently dropped an 8-track experimental LP, ‘Yoreself’. It goes from subtle beats to darker elements of traps and incorporates a wide arrangement of live instruments including: the piano, saxophone, cello, guitar, and bass. It’s hard to box these boy up in any sort of genre because their sounds range from those akin to the Gorillaz and Linkin Park, while incorporating vocals similar to a mellow System of A Down if they were purely electronic. If we had to pick out a few of our favorite songs it would be ‘Spiders’ and ‘Yourself’. ‘Yourself’ follows ‘Spider’ and together the separate tunes could be one song altogether.

Beatnik Neon is composed of Nolan Farmer and Yann McBreton, however, they had a lot of special collaborators to create the crossover sounds they successfully aimed for. Paul Simmons, Christopher Greaney ( Bel Ronin ), MIEARS, Christine Nicole were all contributors either through songwriting, instrumentation or production. As stand alone project, Beatnik Neon loves big drums, bass and live instruments to create a sonic soundscape unlike any other.

Listen to ‘Yoreself’ down below!

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