Getter returns to heavy Dubstep with his new single “Represent.” The track packs in several heavy bass lines and hip hop samples into three minutes, driven forward by a thunderous kick and snare combo. Last May, Getter finished a month of unplugging from the internet and refreshing himself after canceling the remaining dates of his tour. The issue of fans heckling his new sound after being so used to Dubstep got to him as it would any artist. Upon his return, he kept his intentions simple for his fans and haters alike: “I’m gonna keep making music for me, and that’s it,” he wrote. “I’m gonna have my management run socials for me so I can keep this mindset going. Everything else in my life has been going so well. I feel like I have some fuckin’ breathing room for once.” Though it looks like Dubstep is still a love of his, Getter seems poised to make more cool experimental stuff like Visceral as well.

Check the full track below and get pumped for new Getter tunes in the new decade.


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