There’s a lot of synth magic happening in New Jersey based, Robert Cotnoir’s, studio. In on of his latest singles, ‘To Make You Mind’, you’ll take a deep dive into a sound that’ll bring a little nostalgia into your listening experience, while wowing you with something new. The beat is driving, the synth progressions are transcendent. It’s a statement anthem that depicts Grapefruit Sound Lab’s charging attitude in the realm of electro pop. You’ll find traits of progressive house and trance, especially with Cotnoir’s revealing statement about the song’s message:

To Make You Mine is a song for mourning life’s regrets and missed opportunities, for celebrating metamorphosis and rebirth, and for holding out hope for a brighter future. – Grapefruit Sound Lab

Grapefruit Sound Lab draws from the influences of electro, house, classic rock and classical music to hone the sounds you hear today. He searches deep within himself and entangles with themes of loss, pride, redemption, and salvation among others that you can truly feel in his music. ‘To Make You Mine’ is also a celebratory single as it kick starts the countdown to his upcoming album, Eight Days Across America.

Listen to ‘To Make You Mine’ down below!

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