If you’re a producer that’s not churning out tunes during quarantine, you might want to reconsider what your doing with your studio time. Les Techno channels a certain coolness that you’ll hear vibrantly in his new single, “Flowers For Dystopia”. An edgy tune the teetering between the realms of dark pop and grungy goth disco.“one night, in a dream, I imagined walking out on a stage in some dingy East Village club, with the band playing this riff. I approach the mic and, like a wizard’s incantation, call out “Objects!, Objects!”

NYC based Les Techno has had his hands deep in the music industry cookie jar producing not just dance music but collaborations that reach as far as the great funk master Bernie Worrell to hip hop acts such as Run DMC and Mobb Deep. As a testament to his own project, Les Techno has topped countless charts on his own and his music speaks volumes for clubbers like us.

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