“Yo I’m about to go back to back with some friends right now” usually means something huge is about to happen if it comes out of the mouth of the right person. In this particular instance, Mija was the one with the news; thus starting a rather intense back to back with not one, but four additional homies. With Mika, JOYRIDE, Jauz, Sliink, and Ghastly all twerking the knobs at once, you don’t even have to guess that the hour to follow caused a lot of shit to be lost.

The beautiful thing about this OWSLA all stars set was that it was much more coherent than you’d expect from a multitude of unique artists. While weaving between trap, dubstep, and un-genre-able bangers, the five artists were as in sync as we’d expect genuinely fun loving and talented people to be. Check the whole set below.

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