When done correctly, a vocal track can really hit in the right places. To nurture quality releases of this flavor as well as energetic instrumentals, Myon and Shane54 created Ride Recordings to curate talent that best suits their “Summer of Love” sound. The latest outing on the label fits that description nicely and comes from a hard worker in the label’s own office.



Progressive wonder Eskai partnered up with vocalists Jhana and Karlina Covington to make “Feathers,” a simple and very effective number that will make sure you hold your loved one that much closer at home or in the many festivals that will be blaring the track’s euphoric chords out of their soundsystems. The track is the latest of many that’s gained support from Eskai’s old bosses Above & Beyond on their Group Therapy Radio Show, so there’s not even a shadow of a doubt that this tune is something special.


Listen to the track above and check out Eskai’s whole discography on Soundcloud.

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