Brotherly trio, D.E.L., is back with yet another thought provoking single based off an anime from their childhood, ‘Yoko’. Soothing production guides your ears as the brothers’ voices take you on a sonic journey. Relationships are big theme in D.E.L.’s work as we all get on better in life, together. We rely on one another and shouldn’t treat each as disposable as we do in this day and age of cancel culture. This ambient single is a true testament to D.E.L. artistry as musicians and producers.

Yoko was created over the last 6 months, and was named after a character from an anime which helped us get through our childhood. This track is heavily inspired by a moment in time, where it feels your whole world is crumbling yet you still have the person you love by your side. Yoko was made with the intent of being upbeat yet thoughtful and provoking.

D.E.L. originally started off as the brainchild of Timm de la Hoyde, but quickly evolved into a trio project with his brothers Nick and Joseph de la Hoyde. Being surrounded by the amazing array of talent in Australia, D.E.L.’s sound holds up with the rest of showstoppers offering listeners a kaleidoscopic spectrum of blissful electronic music. When their now churning out their own music, D.E.L. is working on various music projects with artists from  Sony Music, Sony ATV, Universal Music, and Warner Music.

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