Clash Lion is a mix of three personalities; Shall Ocin, TERR and Daniel Watts. Three artists with different musical backgrounds merging forces to create a truly eclectic and open minded label. With an approach to release unique electronic music covering a multitude of genres from techno to retro electronica, their passion for innovative and experimental productions shows no boundaries.

The labels debut release “Return” cannot be more aptly named, as it will be the first release from Maetrik aka Maceo Plex, breaking his 5-year hiatus under this moniker since his last EP “Unleash The Beast” on Ellum.

Maetrik tantalizes us with this outstanding release. Deep and dark warping modulation, twisting upon a bellowing low end is accompanied by searing experimental riffs slithering throughout Cortex 11 – B

Ninex 7 – C has a low end drone of power, which builds slowing alongside a relentless hat before releasing into a mind bending synth pattern of pans and fluctuations. Synth depth reigns supreme as the weighty beat kicks into gear, completing a truly mesmerizing Maetrik 2 track production.

“Return” will be available on both digital and vinyl release on the 29th September. Whilst the label maybe fresh to the scene, they stand to showcase a string of superbly creative and unique releases in the months to follow.

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