Marshmello is about to throw the biggest virtual party a game has ever seen. Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, is hosting Marshmello inside their flagship battle royale game. The concert was leaked on by way of data miners who found the poster for the event as well as a whole cosmetic pack that will serve as the DJ’s avatar, bombs strapped on his chest, mini Marshmello head grenade and everything. Forbes revealed even more details that were gathered:

  • It takes place in Pleasant Park, though you may see the lights/hear the music from anywhere on the map.
  • It apparently will be its own LTM called “Party at Pleasant Park” with respawns enabled, meaning you will probably be able to kill each other during the party.
  • There’s apparently a cosmetic bundle for the event which will include a Marshmello skin, pickaxe and spray. No word on pricing.
  • There are some leaked animations that show “DJ dancing” for lack of a better term which would appear to be how Marshmello himself will act on stage.
  • Object leaks have shown speakers, a stage, lights, all of which should be set up on the football field at Pleasant Park, presumably.

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